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If you are someone seeking a letter, please contact a provider in your state. During this time of COVID, telemedicine is the norm so you may want to reach out to providers who are in your state but not in your general vicinity. Most providers can only provide a letter to people residing in their state(s) of licensure. We encourage you to vet your therapist before meeting with them.

Updated 04.25.2021

First Name Last Name Credentials City State Online sessions for residents in your state? Languages Other Than English
Margie Thomson LCSW Juneau Alaska Yes
Ash Rees LPC Buckeye Arizona Yes
Halina Brooke LAMFT, LAC Chandler Arizona Yes
lore dickey PhD, ABPP Flagstaff Arizona Yes
Beth Bloomfield-Fox LPC Mesa Arizona Yes
Mischa Cohen Peck MA, MSW, PhD, LCSW Phoenix Arizona Yes
Jordan Berry LMSW Scottsdale Arizona Yes
Chad Mosher Ph.D. Tucson Arizona Yes
Dena Omar LCSW Tucson Arizona Yes
Erica Meadow LAC Tucson Arizona Yes
Hannah Robb LMSW Tucson Arizona Yes
Laurie Works LAC Tucson Arizona Yes
Courtney Frierson LCSW Little Rock Arkansas Yes
Kendyl Tinsley LPC Mountain Home Arkansas Yes
MacKenzie Stuart LMFT Alameda California Yes
Julia Simone Fogelson LCSW Albany California Yes
Kathleen Trotta Psy.D. Atascadero California Yes
Rick Hobbs LMFT Bakersfield California Yes
Jessica Treat MA, MFT 84022 Benicia California Yes
Daniel Blumrosen LMFT #44056 Berkeley California Yes
Hez Wollin LCSW Berkeley California Yes Spanish
Se (Will) Williams MFT 114494 Berkeley California Yes
Stephanie Luz Hernandez LMFT Berkeley California Yes Spanish
Adz Kogan LCSW Berkeley California Yes
Kimberly Alston-Stepnitz PsyD Davis California Yes
Henry Meraz LCSW Fresno California Yes
Ronica Reyes 102225 MFT Fresno California Yes
Hannah Joharchi PhD Hayward California Yes ASL
Angelynn Hermes LCSW Los Angeles California Yes
Avigail Schotz LMFT Los Angeles California Yes
Aydin Olson-Kennedy LCSW Los Angeles California Yes
Calista Termini AMFT Los Angeles California Yes
Erica (Tzippi) Folinsky LCSW Los Angeles California Yes
Moushumi Ghose LMFT Los Angeles California Yes
Omer Harari LMFT Los Angeles California Yes Hebrew
Stephanie Adams Mendez PhD, NCSP, PSY31678 Los Angeles California Yes
Laura Adery PhD Los Angeles California Yes
Alex Klein PsyD Oakland California Yes
Conrad Wenzel LCSW Oakland California Yes
Courtney Watson LMFT Oakland California Yes Spanish, Japanese
Dania March LCSW 61199 Oakland California Yes
deb schneider LCSW #28075 Oakland California Yes
Eric Samuels Psy.D. Oakland California Yes
Jaclyn Lambe PsyD Oakland California Yes
Jadelynn St Dre MA, LMFT Oakland California Yes
Juliana Ybarra PsyD Oakland California Yes
Marcella Raimondo PhD, MPH Oakland California Yes
Rachel Watkins PsyD Oakland California Yes
Sand Chang PhD Oakland California Yes
J. Rose Cohen LCSW Oakland California Yes
Brandon Mansouri LMFT Rancho Cucamonga California Yes
Lynn Flewelling LMFT #101428 Redlands California Yes
David Nylund LCSW Sacramento California Yes
Heather Cassandra Blessing California LMFT 86398 Sacramento California Yes
Van Levy LMFT & LPCC San diego California Yes
Barton Shulman LPCC (also licensed CO, IN, KS, and WI) San Francisco California Yes
Lee Schuster Lcsw San Francisco California Yes
Michael Lysaght MFT San Francisco California Yes
Sara Okman LMFT San Francisco California Yes
Tatyana Foltz LCSW San Jose California Yes
Hannah Roberts PsyD/Psychologist San Luis Obispo California Yes
Harper Chean LMFT Santa Cruz California Yes
Kat Zwick LPCC, LCPC Santa Cruz California Yes
River Ornellas AMFT Santa Cruz California Yes
nic harbeck LMFT SANTA MONICA California Yes
Jan Ogren LMFT Santa Rosa California Yes
Trisha Wallis PsyD & LCSW Statewide & Sacramento California Yes
Briana Shewan LMFT telehealth California Yes
Jessica Bernacki PhD Thousand Oaks California Yes
Kody Meginnes LMFT Walnut Creek California Yes
Asher Eno LPC, LMFT Denver Colorado Yes
Jessie Read LPCC Denver Colorado Yes
Victoria Giles-Vazquez LPC Denver Colorado Yes Spanish
Will R. Logan LCSW, LMFT Denver Colorado Yes
Alyssa Wright LCSW Fort Collins Colorado Yes
Mary Preston LMFT Fort Collins Colorado Yes
Aleya Littleton LPC.0015908 Golden Colorado Yes
Devin Pinkston LPC Grand Junction Colorado Yes
Mary Sanchez LPC Grand junction Colorado Yes
Chase Tucker LPC Lakewood Colorado Yes
Heather Crate LCSW Longmont Colorado Yes
Nicole Sylvestre LPC Longmont Colorado Yes
Val Cruz LPCC, MA, NCC Longmont Colorado Yes
Lauren Millerd LCSW Manchester Connecticut Yes
Megan Salisbury LCSW Stamford Connecticut Yes
Sarah Gilbert LCSW Vernon Connecticut Yes
Lenna Jawdat LICSW Washington District of Columbia Yes
Antwan McKenzie-Plez LMHC Broward County Florida Yes
Katherine Cascio PhD Fort Myers Florida Yes
Abbie Rolf (they/them) MA, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern Largo Florida Yes
Nathaniel Hemmer None Melbourne Florida Yes
Shannon Knight LMHC Oldsmar Florida Yes
Eliannee Andino Perez not applicable orlando Florida Yes
Jamie Gunning MS, LMFT Orlando Florida Yes
Christina McGrath Fair PhD, LMHC PALM CITY Florida Yes
Dae Sheridan Ph.D., LMHC, CRC, dip. ABS Tampa Florida Yes
Nick Fuentes (he/him/none) LPC, LMHC, Certified Sex Therapist telehealth only Florida Yes
Kate Woods Licensed Professional Counselor Athens Georgia Yes
Shannon Corda CSW006270 Athens Georgia Yes
Lucia Caltabiano LMSW Atlanta Georgia Yes
Mara Collins LMFT Atlanta Georgia Yes
Natalie Schulhofer LMSW Atlanta Georgia Yes
Sherry Dillard Dr. Jenny AUGUSTA Georgia Yes
Nick Fuentes (he/him/none) LPC, LMHC, Certified Sex Therapist Chamblee Georgia Yes
Eileen Pagán MAT, LPC Marietta Georgia Yes
Amanda Dutton LPC Oakwood Georgia Yes
Elaine Moss LCSW Suwanee Georgia Yes
Gabrielle Davis LPC, NCC Boise Idaho Yes
Jen Moore LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) Boise Idaho Yes
Laura Burdette LCPC Boise Idaho Yes
Brittany Rotelli LCPC Barrington Illinois Yes
Kimberly Thomas LSW and LMSW Belleville Illinois Yes
Ashley Molin PsyD Chicago Illinois Yes
Christina Fisher LCPC Chicago Illinois Yes
Ing Swenson LCSW, CRADC Chicago Illinois Yes
Jazz McGinnis LCSW Chicago Illinois Yes
Luis Couret LCPC Chicago Illinois Yes Spanish
Matthew Vail LCSW Chicago Illinois Yes Spanish
Megan Salisbury LCSW Chicago Illinois Yes
Rachael Sytsma PsyD Chicago Illinois Yes
Matthew Lonski MS. Ed., LCPC Naperville Illinois Yes
Matthew Lonski MS Ed., LCPC, NCC Naperville Illinois Yes
Garrett Pluhar-Schaeffer LCSW Park Ridge Illinois Yes
Kelsey Hug LCSW Greenwood Indiana Yes
Rand Warden MSW, LSW Indianapolis Indiana Yes
Rebecca Waletich LCSW Indianapolis Indiana Yes
Sara Hutson MSW, LCSW, CSAYC Indianapolis Indiana Yes
Jennifer Vincent LMHC, CSAYC Indianapolis Indiana Yes
Brittney Doll LCMFT Andover Kansas Yes
Sebastian Barr Licensed Psychologist (PhD) n/a – telehealth only Kansas Yes
Melinda Ledlow LCPC ONLINE ONLY Kansas Yes
Rachael Lastoff LCMHC, LMHC, LPCC Newport Kentucky Yes
Shannon Smith LPC, NCC Baton Rouge Louisiana Yes
Anmarie Reed LCSW North Waterboro Maine Yes
Hal Earle LCPC-C Portland Maine Yes
Adrien Leacy LCSW-C Baltimore Maryland Yes
Bethany Henderson LCSW-C Baltimore Maryland Yes
Shira Wolf LCSW-C Baltimore Maryland Yes
Amanda Jones Ph.D. Columbia Maryland Yes
Sean Lare LCSW-C Columbia Maryland Yes
Emma Batting LMSW Frederick Maryland Yes
Kate MacShane LCSW-C Frederick Maryland Yes
Katelin Fullerton LMSW Frederick Maryland Yes
Miles George LGPC Frederick Maryland Yes
Stacey Jackson-Roberts LCSW-C Silver Spring Maryland Yes
Doha Chibani LCSW-C Silver Spring Maryland Yes Arabic, French
Jess Barraca LCSW-C Virtual Appts Only Maryland Yes
Michelle Ranelli LICSW Boston Massachusetts Yes
Kirstie Macewen LICSW Boston Massachusetts Yes
Will Dempsey LICSW Boston – solely virtual Massachusetts Yes
Robin Slavin LMHC Chicopee Massachusetts Yes
Rebecca Minor LICSW Concord Massachusetts Yes
Hunter Swanson LICSW Greenfield Massachusetts Yes
Julia Ozog LMHC Hyde Park Massachusetts Yes
Robyn Isman LICSW Needham Massachusetts Yes
Sophia Zucker LICSW Northampton Massachusetts Yes
Carla Rosinski LHMC, CST Salem Massachusetts Yes
Rachael lastoff LMHC, LCMHC, LPCC Statewide Massachusetts Yes
Emerson Rothwell (they/them) LICSW telehealth available statewide Massachusetts Yes
Charity Chaffee LMHC Wellesley/Winchendon Massachusetts Yes
Lauren Beaudoin-Colegrove LICSW West Boylston Massachusetts Yes
Rowen Beaudoin-Colegrove LMFT West Boylston Massachusetts Yes
AMINA PETERS llmsw Ann Arbor Michigan Yes
Andrea Bezaire MS, LLP Ann Arbor Michigan Yes
Jennifer Janssen LLMSW Ann Arbor Michigan Yes
Morgan Durocher 6401017671 Ann Arbor Michigan Yes
Jae Puckett Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist Lansing Michigan Yes
Sarah Tomakich LLMSW Lansing Michigan Yes
Daicia Price LMSW-clinical Southfield Michigan Yes
Lance Hicks LMSW Southfield Michigan Yes
Jacqueline Emmons LLMSW Ypsilanti Michigan Yes
JAC Stringer MSW, LGSW Minnesota #25558 Minneapolis Minnesota Yes
Sydney King LPC Hattiesburg Mississippi Yes
Christine Shore-Fitzgerald LCSW St. Louis Missouri Yes
Elyse Vesser LCSW St. Louis Missouri Yes
Kimberly Thomas LSW, LMSW St. Louis Missouri Yes
Anna Peterson LCPC, Ed.D. Missoula Montana Yes Spanish
Jocelyn Sloan MS, LMHP Lincoln Nebraska Yes
Jackson Nightshade MFT-I Las Vegas Nevada Yes
Deb Horton LICSW Concord New Hampshire Yes
Harvey Feldman LCMHC Concord New Hampshire Yes
Stephanie Vazzano LCMHC, ATR-BC Concord New Hampshire Yes
Xavier Quinn LICSW Nashua New Hampshire Yes
Jess Barrows LCSw Flanders New Jersey Yes
Caitlyn Burns LAMFT Long Valley New Jersey Yes
Samantha Smith Lcsw Montclair New Jersey Yes
Samantha Smith Lcsw Montclair New Jersey Yes
Nandi Baldwin LPCC Albuquerque New Mexico Yes
Nic Sedillo LPCC Albuquerque New Mexico Yes
Samantha Parker-Zillich LMSW Albuquerque New Mexico Yes ASL
Choices Counseling and Consulting Arlene Lev LCSW-R, CASAC, CST Albany New York Yes
Rainbow Access Initiative, Inc. Arlene LevLCSW LCSW-R, CASAC, CST Albany New York Yes
Aiden Jay Kaplan LMSW Bellmore New York Yes
Maria Demauro LMSW Bellmore New York Yes
Lauren McCarthy LMSW Bethpage New York Yes
Jennifer Acosta None Bronx New York Yes
Rachel Golden PhD Brooklyn New York Yes Spanish
Stephanie Pena LMSW Brooklyn New York Yes Spanish
Theo Czerevko LCSW Brooklyn New York Yes
Haley Weissman LCSW Brooklyn New York Yes
Ilona Margiotta LCSW Brooklyn New York Yes
Stephanie Maria Peña LMSW Buffalo & Brooklyn New York Yes Spanish
Kelsey Reeder LCSW New York New York Yes
Lauren Canonico LCSW New York New York Yes
Lauren Clapp LMSW New York New York Yes
Renee Reopell LCSW New York New York Yes
Angeliki Pesiridou MD New York New York Yes Spanish
Emma Forbes-Jones PhD Rochester New York Yes
Ryan Howles LMHC ROCHESTER New York Yes
K Natalia Granger LCSW Schenectady New York Yes
Megan McRae PsyD in clinical psychology Watertown New York Yes
Jordan Grob LCSW, LCAS Asheville North Carolina Yes
Rachael Lastoff LMHC, LCMHC, LPCC ASHEVILLE North Carolina Yes
Tricia Osterberger LCSW, LCAS Asheville North Carolina Yes
Luka Carbone LCMHC Cary North Carolina Yes
Adam Tannenbaum LCSWA Durham North Carolina Yes
Blair Somerville LCMHC Durham North Carolina Yes
Cassie Hamrick LCMHC, ATR Durham North Carolina Yes
Meg Hamilton LCMHC, ATR Durham North Carolina Yes
Sheffa Ariens MFT DURHAM North Carolina Yes
Connie Horne LCMHC Raleigh North Carolina Yes
Dakia Davis LCSW Raleigh North Carolina Yes
Jennifer Glassmire-Policari Psy.D. Raleigh North Carolina Yes
Julie Heustis LCSW Raleigh North Carolina Yes
Emerson Douglas LISW Beachwood Ohio Yes
Caitlin Yilmazer LPCC-S Cincinnati Ohio Yes
Rachael Lastoff LMHC, LCMHC, LPCC Cincinnati Ohio Yes
Sydney King LPCC Columbus Ohio Yes
Lisa Pepera LPCCS Fairview Park Ohio Yes
Mary Wesley LISW-S (OH) and LMSW (MI) Toledo Ohio Yes
Mary Wesley OH: LISW-S / MI: LMSW – Clinicial Toledo Ohio Yes
Samantha Willi LPCC-S Westlake Ohio Yes
Jaime Larson PsyD Beaverton Oregon Yes
dmitri dosamantes LMFT Milwaukie Oregon Yes
Nicole Craig LPC Portland Oregon Yes
Rebel Heart Therapy LMFT Portland Oregon Yes
Stacy Sheffler LPC Portland Oregon Yes
Shanna Williams LCSW Drexel Hill Pennsylvania Yes
Megan Duerring LPC Easton Pennsylvania Yes
Anemone Schlotterbeck LSW Philadelphia Pennsylvania Yes
Cecilia Garcia LCSW Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Yes Spanish
Jennifer Rozell-Whitaker LPC, ATR-BC Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Yes
Brenda Cappy Gruhn MA, LPC Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Yes
Moira Ryan LPC telehealth available statewide Pennsylvania Yes
Jess Barraca LCSW Virtual Appt Only Pennsylvania Yes
Justin Martino-Harms PsyD Providence Rhode Island Yes
Melinda Ledlow LPC Aiken South Carolina Yes
Vida Khavar Licensed Marital and Family therapist Knoxville Tennessee Yes French
Dan Dumont LCSW Nashville Tennessee Yes
Cassidy Laminack LPC, LMFT Austin Texas Yes
Miranda Nadeau PhD Austin Texas Yes
River Tu M.S., LPC, LCDC Dallas Texas Yes
Karissa Doster-Hoffman LCSW, LCDC El Paso Texas Yes
Bobbie Andrews LCSW Houston Texas Yes
Colt St. Amand PhD/LP Houston Texas Yes
Karisa Zapotocky Plume Houston Texas Yes ASL
Neli Morris PhD, LMFT-A Lubbock Texas Yes
Shelby Sewell LMFT-A Lubbock Texas Yes
Renee Randazzo LPC teletherapy available statewide Texas Yes
Tara Sharifan PsyD Salt lake city Utah Yes
solomon hallal licsw Brattleboro Vermont Yes
Elliott Buelter LICSW Hyde Park Vermont Yes
Avis Augustine-Miller LPC Lynchburg Virginia Yes
Victoria Holroyd LPC, LMHC, PhD Norfolk & Williamsburg Virginia Yes
Amy Goss LMFT Richmond Virginia Yes
Camilla Wlliams A67323539 Stafford Virginia Yes
Kriston Nixon LPC Virginia Beach Virginia Yes
Shawn Patrick McNulty LPC Williamsburg Virginia Yes
Victoria Holroyd PhD, LPC, LMHC Williamsburg, Norfolk Virginia Yes
Cheryl Enstad MSW, LICSW Bellingham Washington Yes
Danielle Baird LICSW Duvall Washington Yes
multiple clinicians Whole Valley Therapy LICSW, LMHC Duvall Washington Yes
Karyn Wittmeyer LMHC-A Kent Washington Yes
Lea Finnell Townsend MA, LMHC Olympia Washington Yes
Sazi Wald LSWAIC, SUDPT Olympia Washington Yes
A. Blair Hill LICSW, LMHC Seattle Washington Yes
Anthony Rella MA, LMHC SEATTLE Washington Yes
Breona Mendoza LMHC Seattle Washington Yes
Christina Malecka MA, LMHC Seattle Washington Yes
Colleen Thompson MA, LMHC Seattle Washington Yes
Crystal Beal MD Seattle Washington No
horizon greene LCSW, LICSW Seattle Washington Yes
Jillian Sky-Tucker LMHC Seattle Washington Yes
Joanna Darsey-Moss LMHCA Seattle Washington Yes
Katherine Glaves LMFT, CMHS Seattle Washington Yes
Matthew Wolfe LMHC Seattle Washington Yes
Mia Fine LMFT, CAT Seattle Washington Yes
Pakalana Li-Sun LMHC Seattle Washington Yes
Sara Walter Shihdanian LMHC Seattle Washington Yes
Selin Caka LMFT Seattle Washington Yes
Tiana Monét N/A Seattle Washington No
Meagan Narvaez LMHC Washington telehealth Washington Yes
Heather Spreadborough Lh60890011 West Seattle Washington Yes
Lindsay Christianson MA, LMHC Woodinville Washington Yes
Sydney Borden LPC, NCC Milwaukee Wisconsin Yes
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