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Seeking a free letter? Vet your therapist!

Just because someone has signed The GALAP pledge or uses our name and logo on their website unfortunately doesn’t guarantee that they are honoring our pledge’s totally FREE letter writing (and session) commitment. 

When reaching out to request a letter, we encourage you to ask the therapist/letter writer:

  1. Is this entire letter writing process (including the time it takes to meet) completely free, as in keeping with The GALAP pledge?
  2. Have you written surgery letters on behalf of trans and nonbinary folks before that have been accepted by surgeons and/or insurance companies?

While we can’t monitor or endorse therapists who sign the pledge, you can find out if they will honor the pledge BEFORE you meet with them. 

In solidarity,



The GALAP is not a health system, service, or group psychotherapy practice. We are independent clinicians, and we practice as such. We do not represent any particular organization. While all of the providers who sign our pledge are committed to providing gender affirming care, The GALAP is not liable for the work of any of the pledge signers and cannot attest to the skills or expertise of anyone who signs the pledge.

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